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Willalooka Poll

Boasting superior genetics which have been refined over more than 50 years, the Willalooka Poll registered sheep stud has an established reputation for its larger framed fine poll merinos with strong resistance to wet conditions and soft, white wool with a standard deviation as low as 1.8u and CV approaching 10%. 
Today's flock boasts the attributes of an ambitious decade-long partnership which commenced in 1999 with the Lorelmo Stud from the NSW highlands, crossing elite Willalooka sheep with the best Lorelmo genetics during an intensive embryo transfer program conducted at Willalooka. The joint venture resulted in a lowering by 2-3 microns of the Willalooka commercial flock, producing soft fine white wool (cutting 5.5 to 6kg of 17 to 18.5 micron) while still maintaining a medium framed sheep that can withstand harsh environmental conditions.
The primary function of the Willalooka Poll stud flock is to breed rams for use in the commercial flock, which contains around 10,000 breeding ewes - 30% of which are mated to a terminal sire. However, a loyal group of customers have been very pleased with the performance of the genetics in their own operations, with their proven ability to significantly increase profitability. Willalooka's professionally classed ewes are also in strong demand from clients who recognise and value their superior performance. 
For details regarding future sales of Willalooka rams and females, please click here.
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