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Willalooka's Poll Merino commercial flock began in 1958 with traditional large framed heavy cutting South Australian ewes. The genetics were subtly refined over subsequent decades in order to improve flock quality and resistance to wet conditions. 
In 1999, Willalooka entered into a joint venture with the Lorelmo Stud from the NSW highlands, crossing elite Willalooka sheep with the best Lorelmo genetics in order to produce fine wool on a large framed sheep. The Lorelmo flock is a unique line of sheep developed by John Cordingley Snr in the early 1970s on a property near Armidale, and its genetics are well known by many fine wool breeders in NSW and NZ. Both Willalooka and Lorelmo believed they could capitalise on the key attributes of both breeds during an intensive embryo transfer program conducted at Willalooka, and while the partnership between the two properties is no longer in place, it has successfully produced a flock of medium framed sheep with significantly finer wool, reducing the average micron by 2 to 3 with minimal reduction in fleece weight. The adult commercial flock can easily stand up to the harsh and wet conditions of the South East of South Australia, yet still produces soft fine white wool cutting 5.5 to 6kg of 17-18.5 micron wool.
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